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This is my story - Amsterdam

Youth about faith, hope and inspiration | 9 February 2019 - 27 October 2019

What significance does the Bible have in the lives of young Christians? Eighteen young people talk about a turning point in their lives and the role that the Bible has played in this.

How do you forgive your father who, after the divorce of your parents, you have not seen for eight years? What do you choose if you want to study abroad and do not want to leave your mother home alone after a long illness? Do you dare to come out for who you are, even if that demands courage and could be very scary? Eighteen young people, aged 18 to 30, talk about a turning point in their lives. They link their story about this - small or large - event to a Bible story that gave them strength or inspiration during this period. The young adults come from different Christian movements (Protestant, Catholic or Eastern Orthodox) and have different cultural backgrounds.

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Universal themes

The eighteen stories are personal and at the same time universal. The themes that appear in it such as friendship, freedom, forgiveness, trust, being seen and realizing your ideals are recognizable to many people.

Photography, audio and video

Photographer Cigdem Yuksel made twelve storytellers a penetrating, contemporary portrait. Their stories come to life in accompanying audio documentaries, by Maartje Duin and Lotte van Gaalen. Six other stories are told in short films. These are made by Sanne Rovers, with animations by Tess Martin. Theologist Janneke Stegeman provided the research for the project can be found in the book This is my story; Young Christians about faith, hope and inspiration, published by Kok Boekencentrum.

Contemporary Christianity

With This is my story, the Biblical Museum wants to present a contemporary picture of what it means to be young and Christian today. To live on a daily basis with powerful old stories, which are no longer known to anyone at this time. The eighteen storytellers together represent contemporary Christianity in the Netherlands.


This is my story is on show in Bijbels Museum, Herengracht 366, 1016 CH Amsterdam from Feb 9 - Oct 27 2019. There after the exhibition travels to Zwolle, Middelburg, The Hague and Ter Apel.