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Monique Eller

The Flood
Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu The Flood Monique Eller
The Flood
Bijbels Museum Portret Monique Eller

Monique Eller (1965)

Fire is the modern Flood of us human beings. One button pressed and the world is on fire everywhere.

The Jesus-like figure in the central panel tells us: we are making a mess of it.  The number ‘7’ on his chest symbolizes Article 7 of the Constitution: freedom of expression. This freedom causes many problems.

On the left are refugees. Their problems are universal and belong to every day and age. The thorny chain stands for the hard road that the refugee has travelled. Yet, there is also hope: he has left the fire behind him.  

Conflicts between East and West may be devastating for the world.  Children are the future and bring hope, but they are powerless between the super powers. The children are like a mirror. Can we still turn the tide?