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Martijn Fabrie

Man-made | Landscape
Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu Man made Landscape Martijn Fabrie
Man-made | Landscape
Bijbels Museum Portret Martijn Fabrie

Martijn Fabrie (1990)

In my work I want to emphasize that humans are the only animal species that have such a destructive effect on their environment. If a Flood occurs, it will definitely be the result of this. The one photo shows the infrastructure and industry created by man. The other photo shows a landscape of the dunes, untouched by human hands, as far as this is possible in the Netherlands. Angle and horizon are similar. The photos could have been taken from the same spot, but in a different age.

Everything around us has to be kept under control. This is not what the earth was like before we came around to do what we did. If we were no longer to exist, we will have left the earth in this state. Does everything really revolve around us humans alone? I can imagine God thinking: why not start anew for once.