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Ingemar Jorijn Mulder

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Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu Ingemar Jorijn Mulder
Without title
Bijbels Museum Ingemar Jorijn Mulder

Ingemar Jorijn Mulder (1990)

A Flood approaches children, as both an internal and external threat. Something that overwhelms them and would stop their breath. From early on, children are pressurized, at school, by parents, their environment and social media. They are judged for their achievements or their appearance and it is as if freely experimenting - and the occasional failure - is no longer accepted. I find this highly alarming.

At first glance these children seem blind, which accounts for the alienating effect. Without the pupil, a face becomes rather threatening and absurd. This makes you look more carefully and ask questions, which is exactly what I intend with my work. I always work intuitively and like to trigger the emotions of my viewers.