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Erik van Bemmel

Pickled Stories
Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu Sterkwaterverhalen Erik van Bemmel
Pickled Stories

Erik van Bemmel (1985)

What strikes me is the growing abyss between various religions and sections of the population. Whereas the differences are mainly emphasized, I prefer to show the similarities instead. The story of the Flood is found in the three major monotheistic religions, stories that are almost the same. The three vases resemble the three religions. They differ in shape and size, but they are based on the same principle, the same idea. Religion comes with wonderful, impressive stories that should be kept for eternity. For this reason I have pickled them. Pickled water also stands for hermetic; the way religions can also seem hermetic to outsiders. I hope this title will make people think about it. The pages are copies; it could be perceived as a provocation if I had chosen for actual pages from the Bible, Torah and the Qur’an. My aim is to bring people together and to make them think, so that it will result in a multi-religious discussion.