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Cigdem Yuksel

Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu
Bijbels Museum Portret Cigdem Yuksel

Cigdem Yuksel (1989)

In a shantytown I met the boys of Circus Zambia. Doing what they are good at, acrobatics, helps them to escape from a vicious circle. I perceived this as the transition from darkness to light, similarly as in the story of the Flood.

You see a huge pool of water as it has just poured tremendously. The whole shantytown was flooded. I asked Arthur to jump. 'Act as if you are rising up', I said to him. With his face beautifully serene, he took off to reach for the blue sky.

This is a picture of the future: neatly dressed instead of wearing dirty or torn clothes. This underlines rising up to a better life. A positive image, in contrast with all the hardship that we are daily confronted with.