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Anaïs López

Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu Mynah Anaïs Lopez

Anaïs López (1981)

Javanese Mynah in this story was once taken from Java for his talent as a singer and his proficiency in four different languages. He ended up in Singapore where he was happy at first. But Singapore was rapidly developing from a rubber plantation into a dynamic metropolis. Building activities were continuous and generated tremendous noise. Mynah tried to drown out the noise, which became a disaster: his lovely singing voice turned into shrill screeching. His audience no longer appreciated him. The people in Singapore wanted to chase Mynah away by all possible means, from falcons to poison gas. Having been persecuted for years, Mynah had no other option but escaping from this country. Days on end he battled with rain and thunder until he finally saw land at the horizon. He reached Myanmar, where his life is now taking a different turn. In Myanmar, Mynah is attributed with divine powers. People believe that if they whisper their secret desires, prayers and wishes into his ear he will take their messages to the gods.