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The Flood Revisited

February 2 2018 - June 17 2018

Stories about a devastating deluge, the Flood, are found all over the world. The exhibition The Flood Revisited shows the works of nine Dutch photographers who have been inspired by this ancient and universal story. What is the significance of the story about The Flood in our day and age?

The Flood and the world today

These nine photographers, both distinguished and up-and-coming, made this question their theme for the Biblical Museum. Their work has become a reflection on how they perceive the story of the Flood today. This has resulted in a variety of works that show involvement and social criticism. Not only do these photographers see the Flood as a threat, they also show that there is room for hope.  

The photographers have also been inspired by seven storytellers from the Christian, Jewish and Islam traditions.

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From Utnapishtim to Noah's Ark

Stories about the total annihilation of the world belong to all ages and are found in many cultures and religions. The first mentioning of the deluge comes from the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh epic (ca. 1200 B.C.) in which Utnapishtim and his family survive the deluge, together with their cattle, many wild animals and seeds of crops.

The best-known story about the Flood is the one about Noah in Genesis, the first book in the Bible. God punishes the people for their evil ways and pernicious lives with an all-destroying flood. God commands Noah to build an ark and save his family and one or seven pair of animals. And God establishes a covenant with Noah that no other deluge would ever occur again. The rainbow has become the symbol of this covenant.

Further information about The Flood Revisited

For further information about The Flood Revisited see our mini-documentaries with interviews with the photographers and stories told by the storytellers. The mini-documentaries are shown in the museum and can be watched on our blog.

The Flood Revisited at various locations

The exhibition The Flood Revisited will be shown in the Biblical Museum until 17 June and will next travel to the Kloosterkerk in The Hague (summer 2018) and the Grote Kerk in Zwolle (autumn 2018).

Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu Ingemar Jorijn Mulder
Bijbels Museum Zondvloed nu The Flood Monique Eller

Photographers: Anaïs López, Bruno van den Elshout, Cigdem Yuksel, Erik van Bemmel, Ingemar Jorijn Mulder, Ilvy Njikokiktjien, Martijn Fabrie, Monique Eller and Stephanie Nypels

Storytellers: Enis Odaci, Maarten Zweers, Marianne van Praag, Mariska van Beusichem, Nuweira Youskine en Rienk Lanooy and Rikko Voorberg

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