Consider me. The Bible in 609 photos

2 November 2017 - 14 January 2018

How can you bring ancient Bible narratives to life in this day and age? Visual artist Caroline Waltman’s medium of choice is photography. She travelled to various countries to capture images that shed a new and contemporary light on the Bible. Waltman selected Bible verses, linking them to photos of a child in a bath, an airport filled with refugees, a pit full of rainwater and other subjects. Her photographs, some of them life-size, and the accompanying Bible verses are on display in the Biblical Museum.

Caroline Waltman has created associative and poetic images to breathe new life into the ancient stories. She visited sixteen different countries to capture her subjects in photographs. She travelled through the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy, but also to Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Greece, Turkey and other lands. The oeuvre is highly diverse, featuring landscapes, still lifes, portraits and action shots of daily life in different cultures. Together they offer a comprehensive view of the world, for they also depict human struggles and failures.

Consider me in different languages

Some of the photographs in the exhibition were taken in the home countries of recent immigrants to the Netherlands. These lands were the cradle of many Biblical narratives, after all. The Bible verses have been translated into Dutch, English, Arabic and Tigrinya so that they can be read and enjoyed by a wide and culturally diverse audience.


The photographs – and their accompanying Bible verses – have been taken from Waltman’s book, published in late 2016. The selection presented in Consider me is a cross section of the book.

Consider me to travel

The exhibition will travel through the Netherlands starting in early February 2018. Venues will include Waanders In de Broeren bookshop and Windesheim University (both in Zwolle), the Walburgiskerk Church in Zutphen and the Kloosterkerk Church in The Hague.