About the organisation

The statutory name of the Biblical Museum is Stichting Bijbels Museum. 

Chamber of Commerce: 41199211, in the name of Stichting Bijbels Museum
RSIN: 3559907

Mission and aims
Mission: the Biblical Museum provides insight into the Bible’s influence on Western culture in the past and present, contributing in this way to our society and the role that religions play. 

Aim: the statutory aim of the Biblical Museum is to provide insight, in a museum context, into the history, background, content and influence of the Bible on Dutch culture.

Drs. C.F. (Carolien) Croon

Board of directors
Prof. Dr. M. (Manuela) Kalsky, chair
Mr. B.P. (Babette) Aalberts, member
Mr. G. E. (Gerard) Endedijk, member
Dhr. K.A. (Kees) Mylanus, member

Remuneration policy of the board
The members of the board do not receive any remuneration for their activities.

Remuneration policy, management and staff
Salaries and other working conditions are agreed contractually with the management, individual staff members and the employer (Stichting Bijbels Museum).