About the museum

The Biblical Museum is the place where the Bible, art and culture meet in a monument full of history in Amsterdam. Collected items, personal stories and background information take you the world of the Bible. A fascinating expedition through one of the most-read books in the world.

The Biblical Museum offers visitors many perspectives on the story of the Bible. How does the Bible affect contemporary Western culture? And how does the Bible affect people’s life and faith in both presence and past? Visitors of the museum delve into the content of the Bible, and are carried away by the richness of the Biblical stories.

‘Bijbelsch Museum’

Leendert Schouten (1928 - 1905), a clergyman of the Dutch Reformed Church, is the founder of the Biblical Museum. In the second part of the 19th century Schouten founded the Bijbelsch Museum (translated Biblical Museum) at his clergy house in Utrecht. Every 14 days Schouten welcomed visitors to his house where he exhibited his model of the Tabernacle and other collected items. All the items illustrated stories and events from the Bible.

In 1975 the Biblical Museum moved to its current location, the Cromhouthuis at the Herengracht in Amsterdam.

Collection and programming

The collection of the Biblical Museum can be divided in two different main sections: the Bible collection and the Schouten collection.

The Bible collection includes famous old Bibles, illustrations, paintings and other collected items which together tell the history of the Bible, and its influence on our daily lives, faith and culture.

The Schouten collection consists of the items which Leendert Schouten collected in the 19th century. It includes the model of the Tabernacle, the model of the Temple Mount, an Egyptian collection, and archaeological findings from the Holy Land.

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The Biblical Museum is located on the third and fourth floor of the Cromhouthuis, a canal house from the 17th century. The Cromhouthuis was built by the famous architect Philips Vingboons, and now exhibits the collection of the Amsterdam Museum.

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